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About Us

Established in 2020, Stay Certi Organicz is a family-run business, providing high-end organic vegan cosmetics for customers throughout the UK. As vegans and vegetarians, we believe in leading a healthy lifestyle, which is why we started making homemade chemical-free products in 2013. With our Certi-fied natural products, you can easily discover the healing benefits of organic alternatives to major cosmetics brands. Get in touch with our team in Kington, Hereford, today to discover how our products can bring out your true beauty.

Excellent Products

Understanding that your skin absorbs 60% of whatever products you apply to it into your bloodstream within 26 seconds, we are committed to producing excellent organic products that contain no harsh chemicals whatsoever. With an impressive track record for solving common hair and skin problems, our luxury, cruelty-free products use special secret ingredients and are backed by constant research.

We use green banana and avocado extracts as the base for a lot of our products, providing a pleasant smelling result. Fully tested by The Vegan Society, all products are Grade A and free from animal products of any kind, thanks to our high standards of manufacturing.

Looking for Organic Products?

Having produced homemade vegan cosmetics since 2013, our team have got you covered.

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